Five Reasons Why You Need A Keep Cup

The humble keep cup has grown in popularity becoming available in a range of colours and sizes, with kid-friendly options now also on the market.

It’s wonderful to see everyone jumping on board because Australia has a significant problem with widespread beverage consumption in single-use cups.

A study by the University of Melbourne estimates that Australians throw away one billion paper coffee cups along with their plastic lids every year. That’s just coffee cups, alone!

Image source: WWF.


Our on-the-go consumption habit is hurting the environment – but it doesn’t have to.

Here are five reasons why you need to invest in a keep cup, now!

1. It Reduces Waste

Did you know that by using a reusable cup twice a day on average, that you can save about 730 cups from landfill every year?

Consumers assume that cardboard cups are eco-friendly, but just 1 in 400 cups are actually recycled. So that the cups are waterproof, the cardboard is actually fused with plastic lining, which can't be separated from the cardboard in a normal recycling plant. 


2. It Saves Resources

Cardboard cups aren’t only typically non-recyclable, but they actually can’t be made from recycled materials either. To comply with health and safety regulations, cups have to be made from brand-new cardboard, costing the more than 100,000 trees to fuel the UK’s coffee habit each year alone.


3. It Saves You Money

Not only does using a reusable cup the environment, but it also saves you money. Many major chains offer a discount when you use your own cup, with local coffeehouses adopting similar schemes, too.


4. It Keeps Your Coffee Warm

There’s nothing worse than walking out of a café and sitting down to take a sip only a few minutes later to find that your hot drink is now lukewarm.

Insulated keep cups make this a problem of the past, keeping your beverage hotter or cooler, for longer.


5. There’s One For Everyone

There really is a reusable cup out there to suit everyone. Whether you prefer an espresso or a large banana smoothie, there’s something out there for you.


Have you checked out our keep cups that are suitable for hot and cold beverages?



author: Alyssa Cairo (Soul Eco Blogger)


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