Let’s Set A Plastic-Free Example

Recently, South Australia announced that it will become the first state to ban single-use plastics in Australia, but the new rules will not come into effect until next year because of COVID-19.
The new rules mean the supply, distribution, and sale of many items such as plastic cutlery, coffee stirrers and straws will be put to a halt.
In particular, straws have been making their way into our oceans, playgrounds, and streets at an alarming rate.
Clean Up Australia reports that Australians use about 10 millionstraws, every day. That’s 3.5 billion straws a year that are usually only used once for an average of 15 – 30 minutes before they are disposed of.
Plastic straws represent 7.5% of all reported plastics recorded last Clean Up Day and this figure has doubled over the last two years.
If these current trends continue, by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. 
Why wait until you have to make the swap from single-use to reusable next year? 
Make the changes today – our planet deserves to be cared for and there are so many products available out there so that making the switch is easy.
From stainless steel to bamboo, we’ve got a range of reusable straws available to suit you – have a sneak peek!
Bamboo Straws 
Bamboo straws are a newer reusable alternative!
These straws actually stay the same temperature in hot or cold drinks and coming in packs of four, you’ll always have one ready to grab and go.
Stainless Steel Straw Key Ring
This stainless steel retractable straw doubles as a key ring – pretty handy, right?
These key rings are the perfect option for someone on the go, or for young children to get into good habits early.
Stainless Steel 500ml Cup with Grip + lid & straw
This stainless steel cup is the perfect all-in-one option, coming with the lid and stainless steel straw to instantly turn it into an on-the-go smoothie cup!
Make the changes and start today with Soul Eco.
author: Alyssa Cairo (Soul Eco Blogger)

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