Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

From bringing your keep cup along to your local café to investing in an electric car, there are so many ways that we can help the environment! But, if we want to find long-term solutions to protect our environment, we have to raise Earth-friends kids.
All parents hope their children will grow up to live fulfilling, healthy and happy lives but there's a growing consensus that the next year will be critical in dealing with global warming, among other environmental challenges.
The impacts of climate change on our children and future generations are devastating. They’ll be forced to live with consequences like:
  • unhealthier air
  • fewer species of plants and animals
  • less food

Starting today, you can raise your kids to make environmentally friendly decisions by implementing some of these small habits:

  1. Lead by example
If you aren’t leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, how can you expect your children to? Leading by example is the simplest, most effective way to raise your children to respect and nurture the Earth.
  1. Carry a bottle and lunchbox
Using lunchboxes and bottles to avoid single-use packaging helps teach your children to re-use rather than throw away.
Extra tip: Try your best to give accurate servings to avoid leftovers. If there are any leftovers – tell your kids to bring it home so you can compost them!
  1. Get gardening
Many schools and communities host ‘plant a tree day’ or community clean ups, so get involved in these events to teach your children the importance of keeping our Earth green and free from litter.
  1. Walk more
Take something as simple as swapping driving to school to walking to school. If you don’t live close enough, try bike riding or parking a little further than usual to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  1. Teach tidying up
Teaching children to tidy up after they’ve finished shouldn’t be limited to playtime. After each meal, create a bin program where you can have your kids separate their rubbish into compost, waste and recycling on their own, so they can learn the correct processes.
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Blog by Soul Eco Blogger: Alyssa Ciaro

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