Recipe For A Zero-Waste Kitchen

We know that you’re always looking for ways that you and your family can make small changes that have a big impact. So, pop your apron on and let’s get cooking - zero-waste style!
Creating a waste-free zone in your kitchen is easy with our recipe to success!
Follow these steps and you’ll finish with a zero-waste kitchen.
Please remember, even if you follow some of these steps - you’re making a big difference!

1. Let’s start with the pantry!

Have you ever opened up your pantry and spared a few moments to just take in how much plastic packaging is hidden behind those two doors. We have and it’s frightening.
There’s an easy and cost-efficient (it will save you money!) solution for this and that’s called purchasing foods in bulk.
Bulk foods are available anywhere at places like your supermarkets, local markets and fruit shops and you can find anything and everything in bulk from spices to coffee to granola to nuts.
Why this is beneficial is because bulk foods aren’t sold in tiny plastic bags. Just remember to bring your own container or jar so you’re not using the plastic bags that shops provide - this would defeat the point!

2. Now, let’s get to the kitchen!

There are so many things that you can do to create your zero-waste space, so we thought that we would list them rather than delve right into each in depth!
● Try using a bar of soap rather than liquid soap. If you are using liquid soap, look for a bulk option where you can bring your own container to fill!
● Swap a plastic dish brush for a bamboo one.
● Use silicone baking sheets instead of the paper single-use ones.
● Say goodbye to paper towels and hello to cotton cloths.
● Replace all plastic wrap with beeswax wraps or silicone food covers.
● Make meals based on what you have available at the time.
● Keep track of what you throw away.
● Try to keep junk foods and sneaky, sugary snacks to a minimum (they contain so much plastic packaging!).

3. And, out to the garden we go!

Now that you’ve done the shopping and prepped your meal - we have to put our food scraps somewhere.
Before you head straight to your compost bin or little garden - there are some food scraps that can be used for other purposes!
For example, place the scrap end of onions and leeks in a tray of shallow water to regrow them (or replant into the garden!) or make your own citrus scented cleaning agent by soaking the peels in vinegar.
There are so many fun, new ways to get rid of your scraps - all you have to do is head online!
We would love to see your zero-waste kitchen so tag us (@_soul_eco_) in your pictures and get others inspired! And, don’t forget - if you’re looking for eco-friendly kitchen items, head to our online store!

- Blog by Soul Eco Blogger: Alyssa Ciaro

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