The Soul Eco Journey

We know you’re familiar with our wonderful Soul Eco Products, but how much do you know about our journey, our team and why we do what we do?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane together.

Soul Eco has encouraged and supported thousands of Australians to take simple and easy steps in becoming a touch ‘greener’ without breaking the bank.

The story of Soul Eco began with Jesse Loudoun who began a side hustle creating soul handcrafted gifts in 2019.

Soul Eco founder, Jesse Loudoun


As a part of this I wanted to design my own reusable bamboo cutlery set for my own purposes. So, I did this and I had it manufactured. Everyone around me fell in love with them and asked for one as well!” Jesse said.

It was at this point where Jesse saw an opportunity to design and manufacture her own reusable products to share with the community around her.

Our founder Jesse, her fiancé Linzi and their earth-child Sophia repping their Soul Eco stainless steel insulated coffee or wine cups.


I started attending markets to share my goodies and before I knew it my name was known in Adelaide’s South.”

After a rebrand to Soul Eco, stores throughout SA and VIC stocked Jesse’s products. Soon after, Soul Eco was forced to operate as an e-commerce business because of COVID-19.

Soul Eco’s mission wasn’t to just close the gap in the market for affordable, easily accessible eco-friendly products.

It was a way for Jesse to help others around her, help the planet and also put her creativity to use. 

“As a full-time child protection worker I quite often feel mentally drained, but I’ve always had a creative flair and a massive love for the environment”.

Like a true small business - majority of the products available have been designed and created by Jesse and her manufacturing team.

“From sketching with pencil on paper in the late hours of the night to afternoon phone calls to my manufacturing teams, I have done my best to use the right sustainable materials that have been sourced from only the best places in the world without harming the environment.”

To this day, Jesse enjoys staying up in the late hours of the night, designing new products for you all to enjoy. 

From creation to shipment - Soul Eco has created a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly.

Our funky insulated stainless steel wine or coffee cups, designed by Jesse! You can shop it here.


“Our customers like to know that the products they are buying are sustainable, high-quality, and also on trend.”

Soul Eco’s manufacturing team are paid proper wages and work in comfortable conditions, shoppers can Plant a Tree at the checkout and all packages are posted with Sendle - a carbon neutral delivery service.

With the support of Soul Eco’s very loyal customers, Jesse has been able to create job opportunities for customers who have been with Soul Eco from the start and continue to live a zero waste life.

The Soul Eco journey has really only just begun. If you’d love to be a part of it, perhaps consider becoming a rep!

Stick around for the ride and support this small business that was created from the ground up - all in the name of reducing the mark that we leave behind.


- blog by: Soul Eco Blogger Alyssa Ciaro

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