Your Guide to an Earth-Friendly School Bag


We shouldn’t just focus on teaching our kids and teens to be eco-friendly and make Earth-friendly decisions at home. Let’s start helping them think about the positive impact that they can make each day in the school yard.


Some eco-friendly inspiration for your school lunches! You can shop all of our products here.


When doing some research for this blog, I stumbled across a few different sources and was comparing some statistics about how much waste school’s in Australia produce.

What I read shocked me.

Like, really shocked me.


The average secondary school student produces 22kg of waste each school year and the average primary school student produces 45kg of waste each school year.

The waste comes from a few different sources like plastic, paper, card and food.

Now, if every student made a few small changes to something simple, yet so impactful like how they pack their lunches - a very big difference can be made.


Let me show you how you can pack an eco-friendly school lunch each day!


  1. Lunchboxes

Instead of picking up a new lunchbox that has your kid’s favourite movie character on it each year (or sometimes, term!) at Kmart or Target - opt for a quality lunch box that will last your kids years.

There are so many bright colours to choose from!

Wheat Fibre and Bamboo Lunch Box - available in a range of colours.


For the older ones who feel like they’re ‘too cool’ for a bright lunchbox - checkout these more classic, stainless steel and bamboo lunch boxes instead.

It also fits a lot more, which is ideal for growing teens!


Quality Stainless Steel and Bamboo Lunchbox



  1. Drink bottle

Forget the plastic - we have two different sized and colour varieties available so that your kids and teens can express themselves!

500ml Stainless Steel Drink Bottle
1 Litre Stainless Steel Drink Bottle



  1. Cutlery

This cute bamboo cutlery set will help teach your younger ones how to feed themselves and also how to care for the planet from a young age!



Bubs Bamboo Cutlery Set


Your older ones may not be happy if you pack their lunches with the animal cutlery so here’s something they will be happy with! Those days of plastic cutlery are well and truly over!

Bamboo Reusable Cutlery Set


  1. Food saver bags

It scares me to think about how many snaplock bags are used on a daily basis at schools.

These Reusable Zip-Lock Food Saver Bags will cut down plastic waste and your shopping bills dramatically!

They come in four different sizes, are suitable for hot liquid (goodbye spillage) and are microwave and dishwasher friendly. What more could you ask for?

PEVA Zip-Lock Food Saver Bag Set of 4



  1. Bees wax wraps and bags

It’s time to say goodbye to cling wrap that tears and is used in mass quantities only to end up in the bin!

Beeswax wraps and bags are a sustainable, yet fun and bright option to wrap your lunch in, keeping it fresher for longer.

There are plenty of bundles available so just choose what works for you!

Bees Wax Wraps & Bags



With these simple switches, school students can make a big difference because school’s are a great base for broader change.


While you’re creating an Earth-friendly school bag - don’t forget to tag us in your pictures so that we can see and share your changes!



- Blog by Soul Eco Blogger: Alyssa Ciaro

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