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Eco friendly Dog Waste Bags and Reusable Dispenser

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Features & details

  • BIODEGRADABLE - We care deeply about this planet and so our bags are biodegradable. We know you don’t want to be the person leaving a mess unattended on the pavement… but also not clogging up landfills with plastic! So we’ve designed a perfect balance.
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE - Our waste bags are designed to make your life easy - they’re fast to tie and convenient to carry. Each roll fits perfectly into our included dispenser which simply clips onto your leash, bag, dog collar, or belt loop. From now on you can easily make sure you’re never caught without a bag.
  • HIGH QUALITY - We pride ourselves on quality and these waste bags are no exception. Extra thick to ensure no tearing or mess, and each bag is joined by a perforated edge to make them easy to separate. They’re also unscented so you don’t get that sickly perfume some other waste bags have.


1 x clip on bag dispenser (reusable) 

4 x bag rolls 

* refill boxes of bags available soon